Visa Debit Card

Remember, your Visa Debit Card comes FREE when you open a checking account! Accepted worldwide, from airline tickets and restaurants to concerts and grocery stores, your Visa Debit Card gives you the financial freedom you deserve and the buying power you need, all from a friend you know and trust...One Bank of Tennessee. The Visa Debit Card automatically debits your checking account, so there are no interest fees or waiting in line for check approval. Subject to credit approval.

Debit Card

Online Banking

Life is on the move 24 hours a day, which means your morning might look like someone else’s afternoon. No matter the time of day, you have full access to your finances through this state-of-the-art service.

Mobile Banking

One of your most-used personal items might just be your phone or tablet. It’s why we offer our free mobile app for anyone who wants to bank on the go. Stay on top of your finances wherever you are and anytime you feel like it.

Bill Pay

You devote a lot of time to managing your life. As your financial provider, our job is to help lessen the burden of those money management details, like paying your bills. With bill pay, you can schedule your bills to be paid electronically. Set them up and never look back.

Mobile Deposit

Have a check to deposit and don’t want to drive to the bank? We understand. Just use your mobile phone. When you download our mobile app, you can deposit your checks electronically from your mobile device. It really is that easy.


Anytime you need cash, we’re just an ATM away. The best part? No fees if you use one of our many convenient ATM locations. Easy, free access to your money 24/7 is what you’d expect from a neighborhood bank that values being your local choice.

Find a location near you.

Telephone Banking

Check real-time balances on your accounts anytime you want by making a simple phone call with our automated 24-hour On-Call™ System. To set up this service, call (931) 528-5441 or stop by any of our branches. To use this service, call (931) 520-1302 or (866) 520-1302.


Electronic statements have several benefits, from faster delivery to enhanced security and reduced paper waste. Having the option to download your statement to your computer allows for improved account management, too.

Direct Deposit

When you enroll in direct deposit with your employer, your funds are deposited right into your bank account, so you receive your money faster. You can even split your paycheck across different accounts, like checking, savings, and retirement.

ACH Origination

As our business client, you trust us to help solve your challenges. Originating ACHs improves cash management, reduces the time and resources involved with printing and processing invoices and checks, and can save you money.

* Business Customers

Wire Transfers

When you need to send or receive money fast and securely, we’re here. A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of funds—whether the transfer is incoming or outgoing—from one bank or credit union to another. We offer both domestic and international wires.

* Business Customers